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Agent Corner

Background Noise – Dr. Turri – Daily Sun Column

Dr. Al Turri, AuD, Director of Audiology at The Villages Health, discusses how background noise can affect your hearing and health.

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Background Noise – Dr. Turri 03.23.22


Daily Sun Column – Senior Moments

Dr. Al Turri talks about the relationship between memory loss and dementia

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Dr. Turri – Senior Moments – 02.09.22


Dr. Turri Interviews with The Villages Daily Sun – Hearing and Brain Health

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I came in wearing two hearing aids and Dr. Monterro asked why I was wearing two hearing aids and I said “Well, I guess it’s because I have a hearing loss” and she said, “I understand that, but your hearing is perfect in your right ear, it’s the left ear that has a hearing loss and you only needed one hearing aid." I was very impressed with the honesty and integrity in addition to her skills. She also has a great personality.

Art Minier, Patient at Creekside Care Center