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Hearing the Call

Hearing the Call is a non-profit campaign bringing hope and healing to the hearing-impaired locally and globally.

The program provide opportunities for audiologists, ENT doctors, students, and volunteers to travel to countries and areas such as Jordan, Palestine, Zambia, South Africa, Guatemala, Ecuador, and more. We also provide opportunities to help in our own back yard through local organizations throughout the United States.

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Hear some of the stories from Hearing the Call donation recipients that have been helped across the globe:

**Stories are from Hearing the Call’s book, “The Hearing Smile”




It was easy to see that Byron was shy and withdrawn when he first arrived at the clinic. He would hide his face when people looked at him. His father had been taking the 15-year-old to a psychiatrist for his “misbehavior” and telling people he was “crazy.” Finally, his family learned Byron suffered from a moderate hearing loss. At a clinic in Manta, Bryon received two hearing aids. Within a few minutes, Byron’s demeanor completely changed, and he was smiling and talkative. His mother began to cry and said she was extremely happy. His parents say Byron’s future is now greatly improved. Byron says he is looking forward to doing better in school and listening to rap music.

“Byron’s future is now greatly improved!” – Byron’s mother, through tears of joy, after her child was fit with two hearing devices

Amanda & Angela



Twins Amanda & Angela have had hearing loss for years. Working in a pre-school, they couldn’t afford new hearing aids. Hearing the Call Colorado was able to help them. The new hearing aids will cut down on background noise and increase their overall hearing.  Amanda says that she didn’t even realize how much she wasn’t hearing. Angela says she will be more confident in her classroom because she will be able to hear the kids better and not have to second guess what they are saying.






Hilda was a social worker in Guatemala and volunteered to translate for Hearing the Call. She spent three days helping, never sharing her own problem… she also had hearing loss. At the end of the last day, an audiologist noticed Hilda was struggling and tested her. Hilda had moderate hearing loss and was fit with a hearing aid. She broke down in tears telling us she was always scared to find out. She was afraid nothing could be done. She also wanted to make sure everyone else got taken care of first.


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I loved that when I went to see a specialist, he had every medication I was on, my full health history and my family history because of the coordination at The Villages Health.

Linda Meng, Patient at Pinellas Care Center & Specialty Care Center