Our Visionary Leadership has Created a New Kind of Health Care

The Villages Health (TVH) is based on restoring the ability to have a personal relationship with your doctor located in your community and offering the latest healthcare advancements. Designed intelligently, this multi-specialty system is led by visionary thinkers who know how to transform, improve and grow this innovative model as it evolves.

TVH’s executive team offers decades of experience in leading large, complex healthcare systems. These leaders are committed to building a modern healthcare system, where care delivery is coordinated and made easy for the patients. The result is better health care and better health outcomes, often at a lower cost.

Under our dedicated leadership, we help improve the lives of our patients, neighbors, friends and families. Whether you’re a resident of The Villages® and surrounding communities or a prospective TVH team member, we welcome you to health care the way it was meant to be.

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Dr. David Ethier displayed an extraordinarily high level of professionalism and surgical skills in the course of my surgery and related processes.. He exhibits genuine compassion and supportive encouragement for his patients. It's indeed refreshing to find a surgeon who has such a thoughtful and unhurried relationship with his patients. Dr. Ethier exemplifies the very best of personality and demeanor we'd like to receive from each and every one of our medical care givers.

Edwin Henningson, Patient at Specialty Care Center