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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period offers second chance to confirm health coverage, ends March 31st

The short Annual Enrollment Period to elect health plan coverages can leave some people uncertain about the coverage they selected, and in some cases cause “buyer’s remorse.” Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period ends March 31st and offers a second chance to verify health plan coverage that is needed for the rest of the year or switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan that better suits those needs.
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Covid-19 Omicron creating larger volume of patients, less severe cases and hospitalizations

The Omicron variant is responsible for a faster surge of Covid-19 cases, though hospitalizations and the severity of cases falls vastly short of the earlier Delta variant. The best-measured response is still to become fully vaccinated with a booster, practice social distancing and good hand washing, and avoid poorly ventilated areas. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the flu this time of year too.
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Medicare Open Enrollment Period – The Villages Daily Sun Column

Medicare Open Enrollment Period offers a one-time chance to make sure your new health insurance policy truly fits your needs.
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This Annual Enrollment Period, Anticipate Your Needs, Your Know Options – Daily Sun Article

During Annual Enrollment Period, anticipating your care needs for the upcoming year and weighing your current policy among other options available is crucial in determining the right coverage for your unique needs.
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Daily Sun Article: Your First Audiology Appointment at 50 May Provide Huge Benefits

The single most modifiable lifestyle factor for reducing dementia risk is the early treatment of hearing loss. Visiting the audiologist at the first sign of a problem can help you avoid and reduce the amount of treatment you may need later on.

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Daily Sun Article: Obesity On The Rise, Weight Loss Seekers Finding Success In Group Programs

The prevalence of obesity continues to rise increasing the risk for many chronic diseases. Many are seeking group programs to build support and accountability in each other promoting lifestyle changes and improved health.

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Daily Sun Article: Health Care Advances Even Amidst Pandemic

Despite current pandemic conditions, residents of The Villages® and surrounding communities can look forward to expanded levels of primary, specialty and emergency care.
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Daily Sun Article: Doctor discusses chronic kidney disease and awareness

March is National Kidney Month. To learn more about signs of CKD, treatment, and prevention, read the article here on the Daily Sun’s website:

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I think the thing that was the biggest selling point for me was just the whole idea of everything being under one healthcare facility.

Diane Kupchak, Patient at Creekside Care Center & Specialty Care Center