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Agent Corner

Daily Sun Article: Your First Audiology Appointment at 50 May Provide Huge Benefits

The single most modifiable lifestyle factor for reducing dementia risk is the early treatment of hearing loss. Visiting the audiologist at the first sign of a problem can help you avoid and reduce the amount of treatment you may need later on.

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Daily Sun Article: Obesity On The Rise, Weight Loss Seekers Finding Success In Group Programs

The prevalence of obesity continues to rise increasing the risk for many chronic diseases. Many are seeking group programs to build support and accountability in each other promoting lifestyle changes and improved health.

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Daily Sun Article: Health Care Advances Even Amidst Pandemic

Despite current pandemic conditions, residents of The Villages® and surrounding communities can look forward to expanded levels of primary, specialty and emergency care.
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Daily Sun Article: Doctor discusses chronic kidney disease and awareness

March is National Kidney Month. To learn more about signs of CKD, treatment, and prevention, read the article here on the Daily Sun’s website:

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Jack Danahy, Patient at Santa Barbara Care Center