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What is a Patient Centered Medical Home and how does this differ from the typical physician office?
Each patient has an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician who leads a team of individuals for ongoing patient care. The primary care physician is responsible for coordinating all the patient's health care needs. The care with enhanced access is coordinated and integrated to ensure quality and safety and is just a golf car ride away for Villagers.

How many primary care doctors serve The Villages and how many patients does each physician have?
Our goal is to have eight (8) board certified primary care physicians in each Care Center.
We limit each doctor to a maximum of 1250 patients, half the size of the usual patient panel.

How do I decide which care center to go to?
Complete the new patient information form and a representative from The Villages Health will contact you to help you select a primary care physician.

Will there be any additional expenses over and above what my insurance pays and is it my typical co-insurance or co-pay?
For covered services, there should be no additional expenses above any applicable co-pay or deductible amounts. If there are medical services desired that are not covered by your insurance, those will be charged for separately.

What is Medicare Advantage and how is it different than regular Medicare?
Medicare Advantage (Part C) is a Medicare coverage option. It offers the same coverage you get with Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) and often prescription drug coverage (Part D) – all in one plan. Medicare Advantage plans may also offer additional benefits beyond doctor and hospital visits.

Click here for a list of major Insurance plans that The Villages Health currently accepts.

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The Villages: Patient-Centered Healthcare In Your Neighborhood