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Medicare Enrollment

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You Have an Important Choice to Make

If you are Medicare Eligible, you have an important choice to make about Medicare and the primary care services you receive in this community. The Villages Health is a healthcare system specifically designed for your lifestyle, but when it comes to Medicare we only partner with a few Medicare Advantage plans.

We only accept Medicare Advantage because we care about the physical, emotional and financial needs of our patients. With Medicare Advantage, our patients stay healthier, experience less stress and save money on health care.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a Federal Health Insurance Program that provides medical coverage. It consists of 4 different parts: A, B, C and D. It can get complicated, but to keeps things simple – think of it in terms of two choices: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

Chart to Compare the Differences Between Medicare Options Chart that Compares Differences Between Medicare Options

When to Enroll in Medicare?

You may be eligible to enroll in Medicare during the following times:

65th Birthday

Initial enrollment in Medicare starts when you turn 65. At that time, you have 3 months before, during, and after your birthday month (for a total of 7 months) to make a decision.

Change of Address

When you move to a new address, you may be eligible to change your Medicare options within 62 days from the day you update your address with Social Security Administration.

Annual Enrollment

During Annual Enrollment, which is every year from October 15th through December 7th, you can modify your Medicare coverage.

*There may be other situations that allow you to change your enrollment. We recommend you speak with an insurance agent.

Don't Take Our Word for It - Listen to Our Patients

I saved $2,400-$2,500 a year when I made the switch to Medicare Advantage. RANDY PELZ

Where to Enroll in Medicare?

When it comes time to enroll in Medicare, we do hope your first stop will be to one of The Villages Health care centers where we have an abundance of Medicare Resources available to you.

Meet with a New Patient Specialist

One of our friendly NPSs will give you a tour, explain our unique health care model and answer any questions you may have.

Take a Medicare Simplified Class

These classes are offered at least once a month at each care center and are free to attend.

View Course Schedule
Visit a Resource Center

There are 7 resource centers located throughout The Villages, staffed with insurance agents to answer your questions about your Medicare options.

Health Insurance Resource Center
next to Mulberry Grove Care Center
8889 SE 165th Mulberry Lane
The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 775-1970
Get Directions
Health Insurance Resource Center
next to Santa Barbara Care Center
1571 Santa Barbara Boulevard
The Villages, FL 32159
(352) 775-1480
Get Directions
Health Insurance Resource Center
next to Creekside Care Center
1050 Old Camp Road, Suite 102
The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 775-1160
Get Directions
Health Insurance Resource Center
next to Colony Care Center
284 Farner Place
The Villages, FL 32163
(352) 775-1920
Get Directions
Health Insurance Resource Center
next to Pinellas Care Center
2477 Pinellas Place
The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 775-0990
Get Directions
Health Insurance Resource Center
next to Brownwood Care Center
2910 Brownwood Boulevard
The Villages, FL 32163
(352) 663-4416
Get Directions
Health Insurance Resource Center
at the Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood
2955 Brownwood Boulevard
The Villages, FL 32163
(352) 674-8700
Get Directions
The Health Insurance Resource Centers are operated by 3rd party insurance agencies not affiliated with The Villages Health. The Villages Health does not promote or endorse one insurance carrier or plan over another, but leaves that decision to our patients.

Meet With a New Patient Specialist & Receive a Free Gift

First time visitors are eligible to receive a free gift at the end of a completed tour with a patient service representative. Gifts are available on a first come, first serve basis. One gift per household.

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Having the nurse navigator come to our home and administer the care I needed once I left the hospital was very reassuring – especially to my wife who works full-time. It was beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

Joe Sidoti, Patient of Colony Care Center