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From board-certified doctors and specialists, to comprehensive wellness programs, our world-class health care system is specifically designed for your active lifestyle in The Villages® community.   

If you haven’t visited one of our care centers, allow us to show you the difference first-hand. Our friendly patient service representatives (PSR) are ready to give you a tour, explain more about our unique healthcare model and answer any questions you may have. They will help you choose the doctor who best suits your needs and even schedule your new patient appointment.

Call or visit a PSR anytime, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged.

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Lorrie Moneymaker   

Belleview Care Center
Lorrie Moneymaker | 352-674-1767
5051 South East 110th Street
Belleview, Florida 34420
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Ginger Cormier   

Mulberry Grove Care Center
Ginger Cormier | 352-674-8888
8877 South East 165th Mulberry Lane
The Villages, Florida 32162
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Lorrie Moneymaker   

Santa Barbara Care Center
Lorrie Moneymaker | 352-674-8889
1575 Santa Barbara Boulevard
The Villages, Florida 32159
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Janie Hathcox   

Specialty Care Center
Janie Hathcox | 352-674-8897
1400 US Highway 441 North, Suite 810
The Villages, Florida 32159
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Debra Siwinski   

Creekside Care Center
Debra Siwinski | 352-674-8891
1050 Old Camp Road, Building 100
The Villages, Florida 32162
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Patty Sidoti   

Colony Care Center
Patty Sidoti | 352-674-8887
280 Farner Place
The Villages, Florida 32163
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Barbara Oliver   

Pinellas Care Center
Barbara Oliver | 352-674-8890
2485 Pinellas Place
The Villages, Florida 32163
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Angie Cole   

Brownwood Care Center
Angie Cole | 352-674-8989
2910 Brownwood Boulevard
The Villages, Florida 32163
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I saved $2,400-$2,500 a year when I made the switch to Medicare Advantage. RANDY PELZ
Patient of Colony Care Center

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I think the thing that was the biggest selling point for me was just the whole idea of everything being under one healthcare facility.

Diane Kupchak, Patient at Creekside Care Center & Specialty Care Center