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We’re looking for more great physicians – and you can help!

We’re looking for more great physicians – and you can help!

The Villages Health (TVH) is dedicated to providing you with world class health care. We want to offer our patients the best physicians the area has to offer, so we are asking the community to help bring the best of the best to TVH!

You could even earn a bonus for finding us another star to add to our dream team! We’re searching for the best primary care physicians and specialty care physicians in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Neurology; but we welcome the opportunity to speak to all who are referred to us.

*Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the $10,000 physician** incentive, the candidate must identify the individual by name who referred them during the call with recruiter. The payment will be made in increments within the new physician’s employment timeline as follows: 33% after 3 months, 33% after 6 months, and the remaining 34% after one year of employment. Please note: All compensation is taxable income and will be reported on a 1099 form. This incentive offer expires 12/31/24. Employment agreement must be executed by 12/31/24. The incentive program may be terminated at any time.

**For physicians employed less than 40 hours, the incentive will be prorated based on the hours they work with a minimum of 20 hours.

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When we were in Texas, sometimes I would sit waiting for my doctor for two hours. Here, we never have to wait. They are always ready for us.

Jim and Linda Ammons, Patients of Creekside Care Center