Both Primary Care and Specialty Care Visits

Get Quality Care from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Now, more than ever, your health is a top priority! That is why The Villages Health is providing convenient telehealth appointments for both primary care and specialty care services. Now you can stay connected with your doctor and care team from the convenience and safety of your own home.

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What Types of Visits Can be Completed Using Telehealth?

A Variety of Services Offered via Telehealth Visits

Many of your health care concerns can be addressed in a telehealth visit, for both primary care and specialty care services, including:

Sick Visits
Follow Ups
Review of
Lab Results
New Patient
Behavioral Health
Follow Ups
Follow Ups


There are circumstances when a telehealth visit is not possible. When you call to book an appointment, we will recommend the best and safest options for your needs.

Lab Testing
IV Fluids
Surgical Procedures
Physical Exams
ECG/Cardiac Procedures
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How Does a Telehealth Visit Work?

Easy-to-Use Phone and Video Conferencing with Your Health Care Provider

Telehealth is a secure way to connect with your doctor and care team via telephone and/or video conferencing technology. Our friendly staff will walk you through, step-by-step, how to use this easy tool. For more information on your upcoming telehealth appointment, we suggest that you complete three simple steps:

  1. Watch the 45-second video.
  2. Download and read the how-to document. Download Now
  3. Run the pre-call test to ensure everything is working smoothly. Launch Now

IMPORTANT: Microsoft Internet Explorer and EDGE are not supported browsers. We recommend you to Download Chrome.


Book an Appointment

Simply call The Villages Health to book your appointment. If a telehealth visit is right for you, we will schedule your virtual visit.


Login to the Virtual Visit Room

A few minutes before your visit, your provider will send you a text or email with login instructions to enter your provider's virtual visit room.


Start Your Appointment

At the time of your appointment, your provider will start the telehealth visit. You will be able to hear audio, and based on your capabilities, you may be able to see video of your provider, too!

Why Schedule a Telehealth Visit?

Safe, Convenient and Cost-Effective Medical Appointments

There are many benefits to using telehealth as a service, including:


Telehealth appointments reduce the risk of exposure to illness and injury.


Telehealth visits allow you to receive care in the comfort of your own home.


Telehealth services have the same co-pay as a standard office visit.

Schedule a Telehealth Visit Today

Simply call your care center to schedule your appointment, and our friendly staff will help you determine if telehealth is right for you!

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