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Angie Cole
Mulberry Grove Care Center
Angie Cole | 352-674-8888
8877 South East 165th Mulberry Lane
The Villages, Florida 32162
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Lorrie Moneymaker
Santa Barbara Care Center
Lorrie Moneymaker | 352-674-8889
1575 Santa Barbara Boulevard
The Villages, Florida 32159
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Debra Siwinski
Creekside Care Center
Debra Siwinski | 352-674-8891
1050 Old Camp Road, Building 100
The Villages, Florida 32162
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Kelly Bennett
Colony Care Center
Kelly Bennett | 352-474-8887
280 Farner Place
The Villages, Florida 32163
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Debbie Gillespie
Pinellas Care Center
Debbie Gillespie | 352-674-8890
2485 Pinellas Place
The Villages, Florida 32162
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Ginger Cormier
Specialty Care at the Center for
Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood
Ginger Cormier | 352-674-8820
2955 Brownwood Boulevard
The Villages, Florida 32163
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Dottie Love
Brownwood Care Center
Dottie Love | 352-674-8989
2910 Brownwood Boulevard
The Villages, Florida 32163
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Janie Hathcox
Lake Deaton Care Center
Janie Hathcox | 352-674-6044
779 Kristine Way
The Villages, FL 32163
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  • After all the years that we’ve been there – almost from the beginning when they opened the doors, I am constantly impressed with the quality of health care that we get and the communication. Ray Burhop
    Patient at Colony Care Center
  • It really feels like you mean something to them. Rob Leahy
    Patient at The Villages Health
  • Every facility is close at hand and it’s so easy and convenient and when you get to the age where you’re going to need health care that’s the kind of thing that is most important to you. Terry Rudrum
    Patient at Brownwood Care Center
  • The minute I walked into The Villages Health, I was very impressed. They want the best. They have a vision. When I met Dr. Rizzi, I knew he was going to be my doctor forever. Donna Joy
    Patient at Creekside Care Center
  • I chose Dr. Ojha because of his experience and because of his caring attitude. He's on a mission to make sure that I'm the best that I can be. Bob Grable
    Patient at Santa Barbara Care Center

Accepted Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans

BlueMedicare Classic
(HMO) H1035-019

BlueMedicare Select
(PPO) H5434-002

BlueMedicare Choice
(Regional PPO) R3332-001

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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

UnitedHealthcare The Villages MedicareComplete 1
(HMO) H1045-025

UnitedHealthcare The Villages MedicareComplete 2
(HMO-POS) H1045-027

AARP MedicareComplete Choice
(Local PPO) H2406-016

AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2
(Regional PPO) R7444-003

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Walgreens
(HMO C-SNP) H1045-048-004

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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans (Effective 2022)

Humana Medicare Advantage (Effective 2022 - accepting plans for residents living in select zip codes in Sumter, Lake and Marion Counties.)

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