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Hearing Devices That Fit Your Active Lifestyle

The Villages Health Audiology can help you enjoy life to the fullest by treating your early-stage hearing loss now. Gone are the days of big, bulky hearing devices. We offer the latest advancements in hearing technology designed to fit your unique needs, including Phonak Lyric, the contact lens for your ear.

At The Villages Health, we operate on a simple philosophy: “If we wouldn’t do it for our mother or father, we wouldn’t do it for you.” Our trusted approach means that you’ll never feel pressured to purchase something you don’t need or want. We will partner with you to determine the best possible hearing technologies to fit your budget and insurance requirements.

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Get More Out of Your Device With Our Hearing Technology Services

There is nothing more frustrating than making an investment in hearing devices, only to have them not function properly. Unfortunately, ill-fitting or outdated hearing devices are all too common when you purchase them from a retailer that lacks the proper expertise and training.

Hearing technology advances much like computer technology, so it’s important to choose an audiologist on the cutting-edge of latest advancements in the industry, from rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth compatibility to artificial intelligence. The Villages Health Audiology is dedicated to fitting you with the most technologically advanced, discreet and comfortable hearing devices possible.

We offer a number of services for patients who use hearing devices. If you’re experiencing difficulty in caring for or getting your hearing devices to work, visit The Villages Health Audiology where we believe that hearing devices should restore hearing clarity, not impede it.


Hearing Device Fittings

Hearing device fittings are more complicated than just picking out a new device with all the bells and whistles. The Villages Health Audiology will work with you every step of the way. Prior to your hearing device fitting, one of our audiologists will conduct a thorough assessment of your hearing to determine the different pitches that you can hear and what volume is most comfortable, as well as get ear molds for your hearing devices. These tests will determine how much gain your hearing devices will provide.

The Villages Health audiologists are experts at fitting new patients with hearing devices and determining the efficacy of existing hearing devices using Real Ear Measurements (REM). REM analysis allows audiologists to verify that hearing devices are appropriately amplifying sound gauged specifically to your personal hearing needs.


Hearing Device Maintenance

Even the most well cared-for hearing devices might require occasional maintenance from a doctor of audiology to function properly. The electrical components of a hearing device can be difficult for users to deep clean, and small parts like battery doors and wax filters may require replacement after time. In addition to cleaning your hearing devices daily, they should be deep cleaned by a professional at least twice a year. Deep cleanings involve a thorough cleaning of all hearing device components and can include adjustments of hearing device settings, if needed.

Redux – The Newest Technology in Hearing Aid Moisture Removal




Hearing Device Testing & Reprogramming

If you think your hearing device isn’t providing you with as much hearing assistance as it should, one of our audiologists can evaluate its performance to determine if it needs reprogramming or replacement. We may be able to get your current devices working by applying our advanced knowledge in reprogramming. Hearing needs will change, and our audiologists can reprogram hearing devices to accommodate any changes in hearing health – so you don’t need to purchase a new device.