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Alzheimer’s Coordinated Care Resources

Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that impacts memory, reason, logic, concentration and communication. The Villages Health wants to educate and empower patients and caregivers to maximize their independent or assisted daily functioning tasks, reduce risk of injuries, and develop personal and community connections that will provide support through the disease process. We hope these videos, in connection with your one-on-one and group sessions, will create a better understanding of the resources available to assist you through this process.

Aggressive Language and Behavior

Watch Video - Aggressive Language and Behavior

Agitation and Anxiety

Watch Video - Agitation and Anxiety

Alcohol Abuse

Watch Video - Alcohol Abuse

Depression and Apathy

Watch Video - Depression and Apathy


Watch Video - Driving


Watch Video - Hallucinations

Home Safety

Watch Video - Home Safety

Lack of Eating

Watch Video - Lack of Eating

Paranoid Thoughts

Watch Video - Paranoid Thoughts

Refusal to Bathe

Watch Video - Refusal to Bathe

Refusal to Take Medications

Watch Video - Refusal to Take Medications

Repetitive Behaviors

Watch Video - Repetitive Behaviors

Repetitive Phone Calls

Watch Video - Repetitive Phone Calls

Repetitive Questions

Watch Video - Repetitive Questions

Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

Watch Video - Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

Sleep Disturbances

Watch Video - Sleep Disturbances


Watch Video - Sundowning


Watch Video - Wandering