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Stay Healthy. Heal Quickly.

From doctors and specialists, to comprehensive wellness programs, you will find a health care system specifically designed to help you enjoy the active, vibrant lifestyle available in The Villages® and surrounding community.

If you’re looking for a skilled, compassionate care team to keep you active and healthy, then look no further than the The Villages Health: a health care system specifically designed for your active lifestyle.

Our goal is to keep you healthy and to heal you quickly. We do that by making sure you get plenty of time with your primary care team to address all of your concerns, as well as access to doctor-approved learning resources and wellness programs to empower your healthy lifestyle. When you have a need, your care team coordinates care with specialists, and we work to keep you out of the hospital and urgent care facilities – so you can spend more time on the golf course, more time with your grandkids and more time out living your dreams!

Once you’re in the appointment, you don’t feel rushed. You feel like you’re given all the time you need to explain the problem.
Art Minier, Patient at Creekside Care Center

The doctors are always there and on-time.
John and Jane Munger, Patients at Creekside Care Center

The Creekside Care Center where I am with Dr. Reilly is literally around the corner from my home, which is certainly very convenient for me.
Diane Kupchak, Patient of Creekside Care Center

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