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How to Reduce Stress and Find Peace in a Chaotic World

How to Reduce Stress and Find Peace in a Chaotic World



Thursday October 27, 2022


9:30 am - 10:30 am


The Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood A State-of-the-Art Medical Facility

Sleep deprivation is a common issue among people all over the world. Many people do not get enough quality sleep, and this can affect their health, well-being, and ability to do everyday activities. Learn, Why Sleep is Important? How Aging Impacts Sleep? What to avoid and what to do in order to obtain a good night’s sleep? Join Dr. Roger Miller as he will be explaining these topics and so much more during the “Tips for Better Sleep” Seminar.

This seminar is being offered by the AVIV Clinic.

One registration per attendee.

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After my surgery the care was incredible. It was coordinated by my physicians. I didn't have to do anything. They informed me that a nurse would be coming to my house for the next two weeks, every other day, as well as a physical therapist.

Joe Sidoti, Patient at Colony Care Center & Specialty Care Center