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A Hearing Care Pro’s Approach to Using New Tech to Solve an Old Problem

Hearing aids get wet.  It’s perhaps the hearing industry’s worst kept secret.  Manufacturers have made amazing advances in aid technology, such as rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth streaming.  However, those improvements haven’t changed the fact that water and electronics do not mix!  If you’ve ever worn aids, you’ve likely experienced the inconvenience and cost of dealing with damaged devices due to humidity, sweat and accidents.  According to new data from Hearing Health Matters:

  • HCPs report wax/moisture as the leading cause of hearing aid malfunction.
  • 67% of aids are returned multiple times after warranty.
  • >60% of out of warranty repairs are moisture related.

Our office is committed to improving lives through better hearing.  That doesn’t stop after a purchase.  So rather than pretend that moisture isn’t a potential issue, our patient-centered approach includes helping you prepare for any challenge that hearing loss may bring.  That includes educating you on tools that can help keep aids performing their best and stay in your ears, not in a lab waiting to be fixed.

We recommend daily use of an at-home dehumidifier.  These over-the-counter units can be found online or in our office.  Similar products have been around for decades, are safe for some aids and can reduce exterior moisture by blowing hot air across your aid for up to eight hours.

We’re excited to announce that we have recently added the Redux professional treatment system to our office!  We’re always looking for new and better ways to provide value and Redux does just that.  Using patented-vacuum chamber technology, the Redux system offers you complete moisture removal in just eight minutes at a safe temperature while reporting exactly how much moisture was removed after each treatment. Hearing care professionals report:

  • 98% of hearing aids have moisture in them right now.
  • 77% of all aids treated with Redux see immediate improvement.

Our office is offering a FREE first Redux treatment so you can hear for yourself the difference a totally dry aid makes!  Even if you didn’t purchase your aids from us, we’re here to help you see how professional hearing aid treatment and proactive care can save you valuable time and repair costs.

“The Redux has been such a great addition to our clinic.  It provides our patients with an added measure of protection from moisture that can cause havoc with hearing aids.”  – Dr. Christa Smith, Au.D.

“It would be nearly impossible for me to function inside of my clinic without Redux at this point.”  – Dr. Cliff Olson, Au.D.

Watch Dr. Cliff’s video about Redux below:

For more info on The Villages Health Audiology Department, click here: The Villages Health Audiology

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