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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period offers second chance to confirm health coverage, ends March 31st

The short Annual Enrollment Period to elect health plan coverages can leave some people uncertain about the coverage they selected, and in some cases cause “buyer’s remorse.” Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period ends March 31st and offers a second chance to verify health plan coverage that is needed for the rest of the year or switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan that better suits those needs.
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Covid-19 Omicron creating larger volume of patients, less severe cases and hospitalizations

The Omicron variant is responsible for a faster surge of Covid-19 cases, though hospitalizations and the severity of cases falls vastly short of the earlier Delta variant. The best-measured response is still to become fully vaccinated with a booster, practice social distancing and good hand washing, and avoid poorly ventilated areas. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the flu this time of year too.
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Medicare Open Enrollment Period – The Villages Daily Sun Column

Medicare Open Enrollment Period offers a one-time chance to make sure your new health insurance policy truly fits your needs.
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Diabetes and Weight Loss – Amy Wixted – The Villages Daily Sun Column

Amy Wixted, Population Health Manager for The Villages Health speaks on diabetes prevention and treatment.
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Dizziness & Vertigo – Dr. Zaka – The Villages Daily Sun Column

Dr. Vjolka of The Villages Health Audiology Department discusses treatment for dizziness & vertigo
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Finding Good Health Care is an Important Part of Life – Daily Sun Column

Thankfully here in The Villages and surrounding communities, a first-class health care experience is just around the corner at any one of seven primary and two specialty care centers operated by The Villages Health.
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This Annual Enrollment Period, Anticipate Your Needs, Your Know Options – Daily Sun Article

During Annual Enrollment Period, anticipating your care needs for the upcoming year and weighing your current policy among other options available is crucial in determining the right coverage for your unique needs.
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High Quality Healthcare with a Team-based Approach – Daily Sun Column

Lake Deaton Care Center Opening – Daily Sun Article

Style Magazine Article – Worry-Free Healthcare

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I loved that when I went to see a specialist, he had every medication I was on, my full health history and my family history because of the coordination at The Villages Health.

Linda Meng, Patient at Pinellas Care Center & Specialty Care Center